Peffermill Road

Peffermill Road is Brian Sunman’s solo EM gauge effort at modelling an Edinburgh suburban branch terminus in the 1960s.  The layout debuted at the Thirsk show in 2008 and was featured in the Railway Modeller for March 2010; all images here are thus by kind courtesy of Steve Flint and Peco Publications.

In the shot below, the classic ‘Met Cam’ class 101 DMU leaves for central Edinburgh and Waverley station.  Whilst this unit is entirely appropriate for the area, a Gloucester RCW class 100 would be even more characterful and is one of the few items that we’d actively ‘wishlist’ for if we thought it’d do any good!  The site of the grounded van body is now occupied by a rather nice North British signalbox.

A view across the layout shows a 350hp shunter working the distillery siding.  As well as a fair amount of railway interest in the 7ft x 2ft site, Brian has included a frontage featuring a selection of vernacular buildings and street scenes; period road vehicles feature strongly and here we see one of Mr Pollock’s smaller motors, having made the short trip up the coast from Musselburgh:

This low-angle shot across the coalyard was featured to good effect across two pages in the ‘Modeller’ article; Steve commented on its likeness to a shot of Haddington featured in George O’Hara’s Scottish Urban and Rural Branchlines.  A Clayton type 1 (built from a DC Kits basis by Ken Gibbons, but often mistaken for a Heljan model) prepares to shunt whilst a Thames Trader and AEC stand sentinel.

In the shot below, an EE type 1 has arrived with Shocvans to be loaded with the valuable produce of the distillery.  Inspiration for the skewed river bridge came from Kirkintilloch near Glasgow, another location which will be familiar to students of Mr O’Hara:

At the time of writing, Peffermill Road has no definite bookings but several recent expressions of interest are in the pipeline; due to the way the exhibition circuit functions, these will be posted here only once they become definite.

4 responses to “Peffermill Road

  1. Ian Ogden

    Dear Mr. Sunman, having seen your layout in the ‘Modeller’ I was keen to see it ‘in the flesh’, and did so today at Accrington. Having lived in Edinburgh years ago, I have a great affinity with the city, and your layout nicely captures something of its character. It was certainly among my ‘top three’ model railways there today.

    • Thanks Ian, it’s always nice when someone actually knows a location. As discussed I’ve passed your comments on to Brian and he’s very appreciative that you’ve taken the trouble.

  2. Really enjoyed the kind offer a drive of “Peff” at the Stafford show and I’m grateful to Brian, Ken and Ian for the opportunity. The layout reekies of Eastern Scottish lowlands accented by the choice of locos and rolling stock. An interesting trackplan which requires the operator of the station and yard to think the moves well in advance.

    Great stuff and would like to see the layout again, and thanks to Ian for highlighting it here.

    • You’re quite welcome Phil, I’m only pleased that you caught me on the better of my two days, when I temporarily thought I’d shaken off that evil ‘flu. I shall obviously pass on your appreciation to the other lads.

      Spot on about the thinking in advance as well (not that I do, I must do that coalyard shunt differently every single time) 🙂

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