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With the recent rise in popularity of quality blogging amongst my friends, acquaintances and others in the hobby, the front page sidebar was in danger of becoming cumbersome.  I’ve therefore moved some of the links here so that the ones that remain ‘up front’ (and usefully also in the sidebar on this page) are generally more in line with my own focused selection of interests that make up Windcutter.

There’s no significance or pecking order in this, in fact in some cases it’s been quite a fine judgment, but good modelling is good modelling regardless of period, location or scale and gauge, and you’ll find plenty to inspire and enthuse on these sites.

British Model Railway Club of Montreal

BR period layout Allingham and some interesting modelling features

Basilica Fields

Adrian Marks’ journal describing the epic construction of a ScaleSeven layout based in the East End in Victorian times


Adrian’s ‘business’ site, showcasing his painting, lining and weathering to a superlative standard


James Wells’ musings about trains of all sizes

Great Central Railway

It seems only right to feature the GCR’s own project of the same name

Hal o’ the Wynd

My own companion blog: occasional ramblings and rantings on the philosophy and politics of this multi-faceted hobby, plus anything else that doesn’t fit here

Hull Miniature Railway Society

My local club, part of my life for longer than I care to remember

Iain Robinson – Modelmaking

Model buildings, to a quite superlative standard


A journey into EM – and Ayrshire

New Hey

MMRS and Rochdale stalwart, Andy Cooper’s 1960s NW area layout

Playing Trains

Bob Hughes’ new site.  It may not be finescale, but it didn’t come out of a box either

South Staffordshire Railway Modeller

Phil Bartlett’s thoughts and deeds in his goal of modelling a location in LMR/WR borderlands

The British Railway Stories Ltd

Simon Martin is another fan of the LNER in BR days, and resourceful to boot – plenty of variety here

The Erratic and Wandering Journey

As Simon says himself, a little about S scale modelling and a lot about opinion.  Very much one for the thinkers!


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