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Hello, and thanks for dropping by.   You may well know me from other places on the Internet, as I’m certainly a believer in the value of the medium to the hobby, but at the time of writing I’m personally ambivalent about the best way to actually use it, a situation prompted in turn by the directions that some things on it have taken.  This blog was largely born out of a desire to have a more focused, stable and controllable outlet for some of the information, and hopefully inspiration, that I’ve sought to share with other modellers over the past few years.

As the side panel says, Windcutter has arisen partly from my activities in providing answers to assorted wagon-related queries.  I would emphasise though that the knowledge I’ve acquired isn’t all-encompassing – it relates mostly to the types that interest me in a modelling sense.  Although I’ve delved deeply into some of these types, via whatever routes have presented themselves to me, I’d be reluctant to describe myself as a historian.  I’d also hasten to acknowledge that I wouldn’t have had any real basis on which to do so without the efforts of several recognised, authoritative and diligent primary researchers in the field.  That said, I think there’s a real gap in this hobby, between the presentation of raw information and the analysis of its use to the modeller, and I hope that addressing that in some small way will be a function of this site.

One of my earliest decent, and most favourite, railway photographs, 5082 at Conway in August 1972 heads an interesting mix of vehicles.  The Esso 35 tonner is probably en route from Holyhead MPD, for several years a common use for these tanks.

The ‘Net, as it impinges on our hobby, can be a hungry beast to feed, with a constant appetite for quality content.   There are those who attempt to sate this hunger with endless updates, but I don’t intend to follow the well trodden route of where I’ve been, who I’ve been hobnobbing with or photographs of me posing against a half-built baseboard, nor to trot out the same stuff in several places. Initially, Windcutter is a mixture of  new material with some older stuff, but none of the latter has been seen in quite this form before and I’ve tried to provide content that has some degree of wider appeal and permanence.  Wagons are not everybody’s all consuming passion, I appreciate, but I think that those who they do appeal to tend to take more than a passing interest.

Primarily, I’m in this game for the creative challenge, with dissemination of information a welcome by-product, and I hope the content largely reflects that.  But the hobby being what it is these days,  I do enjoy a good debate on many related subjects, particularly the state of current RTR.  I don’t think though that blogs such as these are an ideal environment for this;  such debate tends to cover wide-ranging and far-reaching issues and a blog can’t provide the same environment for equal exchange of views and feedback thereto.  This is where forums ought to  score, although as time goes on, one really can’t rely on such an environment providing a truly level playing field.

Please feel free to comment on anything here, or if you want to chat about anything featured or of related interest, I’m contactable by leaving a suitable comment on any page or post. Don’t worry about the comment being published if that’s not what you intend, as all comments pass through moderation anyway. And please bear with me if I don’t answer immediately.

Finally, a note about copyright and ‘intellectual property’.  All photographs on the site are copyright, either my own if not directly credited, or of the persons mentioned,and shouldn’t be republished anywhere else without prior permission, please.  Much the same goes for the textual content of the site, which falls into the concept of ‘intellectual property’; the fact that it’s even here should prove that I’m not averse to sharing thoughts and ideas, but please don’t remove chunks of it wholesale without approaching me first.   It’s not that I expect to make large bags of money out of anything here, I just feel that the request is no more than simple courtesy, and I trust that it won’t prove too much to observe.  Thank you in advance.

Ian Fleming

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