Sunshine after the rain


They said there’ll be snow at Christmas

They said there’ll be peace on Earth

But instead it just kept on raining

A veil of tears for the Virgin birth

There’s not much connection between this time of year and the pic above, other than the seemingly incessant rain that blights so many otherwise promising days in this lovely country of ours.  Although taken in summer (July 1975, Taunton), it’s arguably more typical of December than the archetypal snow scene.

Anyway, it’s one of my favourite shots of one of my favourite locos, with some lyrics from my favourite Christmas song;  I hope it serves as an appropriate greeting to all those who have read, commented on or otherwise supported ‘Windcutter’ in the past year, with my best wishes for the New Year.

Photo copyright of myself (as it’s my shot), and of John Turner of 53A Models, who has worked wonders lately in turning some of my variable transparencies into decent images.  See more by following the ’53A’ photostream link in the sidebar.


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7 responses to “Sunshine after the rain

  1. David Long

    Agreed about the loco, Ian, although maroon with a small yellow panel would be my preference. That just shows that I’m a smidgin older than you!
    All the best to you and your family for Christmas and 2013.


  2. Here’s to more sunshine in 2013, in every sense.

    All the best to you and yours,

  3. I think this has been something of a transitional year for many of us, Ian.
    All the very best for 2013, may it be a positive year for all.


  4. ‘…transitional…’. Yep, I like that Dave – likewise, all the best mate.

  5. Never took you for a “wizzo” fan Ian, but there is something about there presence!

    Best wishes to you and Windcutter for 2013


    • Thanks Bob. I was a big fan ‘back in the day’ – that shot was taken on a week’s hols based in Penzance, most of which was spent travelling between those two points 🙂

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