News from the Land of Green Ginger

Yes, I know.  Months since I last posted, and all I can come up with is something only tenuously railway-connected.  But that’s life, of which a hobby is only part; I’ve been on holiday, enjoyed the tail end of what laughingly passed for summer here, and been to two shows in two consecutive weekends.  All of which links in nicely now with the notion that modellers are generally not unknown to enjoy a nice beer or three.

The above is a pump clip from Caledonian’s Flying Scotsman premium ale, brewed to assist with the restoration of said loco.  This one suffered a slight accident when the actual clippy bit broke, and rather than chuck it in the bin, it was very kindly put aside for us by the landlord of one of our  favoured hostelries in Hull’s Old Town.  It’s nice when people think of you like that, and we’re very appreciative.  As to the liquid itself, we can’t speak highly enough of it – Caledonian do seem to be one of those outfits that can’t brew a bad beer, and a brewery tour is on the ‘to do’ list.

Again tangentially related, there are even blogs about pump clips – I found whilst checking out the enticingly named Kitty Brewster.  And on the subject of railway-themed beer names, you could also be unlucky enough to encounter Junction Brewery’s Trainspotter

In other news, I’ve added two very worthwhile blogs to the links bar, those of Chris Nevard and Phil Parker.  Both gentlemen are far more prolific than I, and I hope you enjoy the reads.

Also below is an image of one of Ken Gibbons’ more recent creations, Llangerran.  Now that his North Devon micro Stone has moved on to a new owner, Llangerran is set to fulfil its potential and having already done shows at Expo EM, Rochdale and Thirsk, is booked in for the York show next Easter.

The shot below should show a flavour of what the layout is about, being essential a revisiting of his New Quay micro that featured in Santona’s Modelling the British Rail Era.  Although still a ‘bitsa ‘ station, this is a full length layout and has a surprising amount of shunting potential for what is a relatively simple trackplan.  Again it draws inspiration from the lines to the west of Carmarthen, being situated on a route to a coastal terminus at Saint Davids (a name that will need no introduction to those who recall the work of Mac Pryke in the 1970s).

Here, one of the indigenous class 37s is busy shunting the MOD siding, with one of the last gasps of domestic coal in evidence to the right:

I would have liked to have featured Llangerran as a full page with the other layouts, but the images we have of it are simply not of sufficient quality; in setting up this blog, I’ve never had any pretensions to be an ace behind the lens, but I do have some standards!  Anyway for now, our sincere apologies until that state of affairs is rectified.

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  1. Aye, those folk from the East might have odd notions about how to garnish a fish supper, but they do brew better beer than us Clyde-siders.

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